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Wholesale of Houseware and Equipment Trading.

Immerse yourself in a variety of quality and multi-functional home products and a variety of equipment. Household goods and household goods are always in great demand, without them nowhere. They create cosiness in the house, comfort in the office and convenience on trips. Here, you can pick up household appliances, tools, dishes, home textiles, overalls, stationery, souvenirs, leisure products and much more. The range of our company impresses with its diversity - from small household goods to household appliances, power tools and goods for the garden! A huge selection of products for the home, which will help create a unique interior and the necessary functionality.

Grains, Cereals & Legumes Trading

A wide range of products and always high quality in accordance with international standards form the geography of deliveries of Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC products. Our company has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier and business partner in the global agricultural sector. Soya beans. Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC offers three main types of soybeans: white, black and chocolate. The most popular soy is white. Oat grains. We offer our customers three types of this culture: naked, peeled and unpeeled.Grains of wheat. As well as oats, we supply them in different types: whole, flattened, crushed. The degree of fragmentation can be selected.

Textile Trading

The company, Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC, has established itself in the home textile market as a reliable partner and supplier. We offer a wide range of home textiles wholesale and retail. Here you will find bedding, towels, woolen blankets and blankets of the highest quality for every taste. Our main goal is to provide customers with high quality products at low prices. Today it is the official representative of several brands in the Western region. All products are made from the best wool of New Zealand and Ukrainian sheep, alpaca, as well as from wool with the addition of acrylic.

Oilseeds Trading

Oilseeds include plants whose seeds and fruits contain fat and are raw materials for the production of vegetable oil, which is of great nutritional and technical importance. Their amazing value is provided by the content of protein, amino acids, vitamins. The commercial value of oilseeds is determined by the quantity and quality of oil that can be obtained from specific batches of such seeds, therefore Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC uses only the best, time-tested crops of the highest quality. Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC is engaged in retail and wholesale trade in oilseeds, their by-products, oils, animal feed and poultry feed. Widely represented: sunflower oil, soybean oil, cake, meal and sunflower.

Legumes Trading

Legumes are a family of dicotyledonous plants. It includes perennial and annual trees, shrubs and herbs, easily recognizable by their fruits - beans, and compound leaves. Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC is a significant player in the market, with a wide range of legumes, which are the third most species-rich oilseed family. Along with cereals and some tropical fruits and root vegetables, legumes have formed the basis of human nutrition for thousands of years, and the use of these legumes has been an integral part of evolution. A wide selection is presented: peanuts, chickpeas, soybeans, soybeans, chia, lentils, beans and others.

Mission, Goals and Values

Mission, Goals and Values

Our mission

The employees of Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC believe that they can always do something a little better and become even bigger in order to provide our customers with the best offers on the market. We want to do more than just provide our customers with an attractive proposition based solely on price. Our whole concept should radiate our good offers to our customers.

Our goals

The managers of Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC have to make sure that, thanks to their professional and personal competence, they are always on the right path to new results, and their employees are always nearby. Not because they have to, but because they want to. That's why our managers are critical to our success.

Our values

At Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC, we believe that human relationships matter, so we are trained to provide the best service and advice. This drives our desire to always be able to offer quality at a great price, as well as to be approachable, competent and helpful.

About us

Company Alex Agro Trading FZ-LLC is a major player in the agricultural products market. Large assortment of cereals, seeds, grains and legumes. It also specializes in trade in household goods and appliances, textile products. We are constantly expanding the range of our products, improving the forms of service, improving the quality of service, expanding the partner network, and holding events aimed at promoting the goods necessary for the buyer. We can guarantee high quality products and offer our customers the lowest prices. The company is always open to all customers interested in our products. We are waiting for you on our website and wish you successful shopping.


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